Department of Psychology decided to provide an add-on course on complete personality development and a wide spectrum of life skill acquisition. Through this training program, the learner can acquire the knowledge and skills to find a good job after completing his studies and to move forward with psychological steps in life. It not only consists of interview skills but also equipped with complete personality development and life skills that can apply different life situations and work place conditions even if it is a tough and competitive scenario. The sessions are designed based on constructivist approach. So it can be considered as a workshop.


Module 1 Personality development (Hours: 10)

An introduction to Personality development – Know yourself: a better understanding of self – Exploring the concept of personality – Personality development from various psychological perspectives – Personality and different life situations – stress management

Module 2 Life Skills (Hours: 10)

Introduction to life skills – different type of life skills – Skill acquisition – Coping strategies – Resilience skill – Communication skills – Interpersonal skills – Social media skills – Interview skills – Public speaking skills – Assertiveness training – Relaxation techniques – Meditation

Overall finishing (Hours: 10)

Motivation evoking – The fully functioning personality – Who is an ultimate winner – Money/financial management – The entrepreneur mind set – Give something back – Value system and self-actualization


Each module is presented not as a class, but through an interactive and experiential methodology. Well experienced trainers will guide the sessions.