Certificate Courses


Course Description
This course will train the learners a way to efficiently use Google services and products for both academic and private purposes. Candidates will discover ways to create a Google account and study its many advantages for his or her daily life. The searching, organizational, communication, and collaboration additives of Google merchandise may be highlighted to assist freshmen increase a deeper knowledge of the way Google can decorate gaining knowledge of amongst them. Cloud based office automation software like Docs, Sheets, Slides and so on is added to the syllabus for better experience

Course Duration

35 hrs.

Educational Objectives

On successful completion of the course the students will be able to do the following:
• Learners will understand the importance netiquette.
• Learners will understand the importance of creating a Google account.
• Learners will understand the etiquettes for sending an Email.
• Students will have an overall view about the Google products (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Calendar, Classroom, Drive, and thorough idea on how to operate it.

Method of instruction

• Online Discussions
• Instructor Interaction
• E-Mail/Chats
• Online Resources


• Assignments
• Interactive quiz
• Gamification


Module 1
Fundamentals of computer: Overview of a Computer, Functional Components of a computer (Working of each unit), Google account, Making a Gmail.
Module 2
Word Processing
Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Typing, Editing, Proofing & Reviewing, Formatting Text & Paragraphs, Tables, Graphics.
Module 3
Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Working & Editing in Workbooks, Creating Formats, Google Forms, integrating forms to sheets
Module 4
Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Creating & editing slides, previewing a slide show, Adding picture.
Module 5
Introduction to Internet
Browsers, Search Engines, E-mail address, adding signature, attaching files, opening attachments, managing e-mail account, Changing password, two step verification, Google Drive, Classroom, best Android apps, Netiquettes.